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I Love You to Death-Romance Mystery Novel

Check it out!

Whispers of the Unknown

Hello everyone, I’m back with a new post, and today it’s to share info about my newest novel, I Love You to Death. Here’s a brief synopsis.

It’s a Romance Mystery about a young woman and her relationship with a seemingly perfect guy. However, she begins to notice strange behavior in him and she begins to have doubts. She’ll see he’s not as perfect as he seems, as a dark and twisted mystery unfolds.

I’ve been hard at work on it for the last three months, and I’m highly satisfied with the final result. This was my first go at writing a novel with heavy mystery elements, but I kind of feel like I might have a knack for it. It of course includes my usual romance theme, but on a darker scale. It of course has some smut as well, but it’s meant to drive the story, so I’m…

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